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Výstava fotografií David Těšínský – Jah People

Cca do 12.2.2019 bude v kavárně Centrála, Jateční 39, Praha 7, přístupná zajímavá výstava  fotografií Davida Těšínského – Jah People.

David Těšínský k výstavě píše:

I went to Jamaica to find out wether there are still some real Rastafarians and to search for the living legends of roots reggae and dub music.

It’s not easy to meet the real Rastas in the streets as every second dreadlock says „I’m a Rasta!“ – maybe it could make out something as you are a foreigner.
The real „roots Rasta“ should not drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, eat meat andhunt for the money. Rasta is not about dreadlocks – your dreadlocks could be long down to your ass but you could be only a poser who wanna sell me the red-yellow-green hat that Bob Marley used to wear. „Hey you – wanna buy this hat that i wear now ? Me: „no“ – he: what?! You dont wanna look like Bob Marley??!!“ – i was a fan of that moment at that time though. The real Rasta could be hairless and truly follows the paths of Haile Selassie.
As a independent fact i’ve found out that about 90% of people in Jamaica smokes weed and i’ve met a man, he obviously smoked but he said he doesn’t smoke, i though he is the first person i’ve met but…he said he eats Ganja.
Not all but most of Rastas don’t feel like working or do much for the money, they sell things at the market though. For example fruits they have collected on the way.

Music is very important. There are soundsystems in the streets, very often they cross each other and you find yourself listening to dancehall at the same time dub music and both is louder than you can stand sometimes. Jamaica is a factory for the music. Most of people play some instrument or sings dancehall or some type of reggae.

True Rastas believes in connection with the universe with all of a different way: one Rastaman told me „we are all part of one dread“

Though many people told me „Kingston is dangerous for a white guy“ i had quite good experience during 45 days photographing this project. I was riding the bike in a day and also night time around ghettos of Kingston, i get catched by police with higher amount of weed than tolerated, man rip a wallet from my hand but i took it back very fast and in general.. i had good experience…in my way.

I was surprised when i found out how easy is to meet an worldwide reggae legends in Jamaica. I will never forget the day when i walked first time around Spanish Town and i saw Leroy „Horsemouth“ Wallace (famous drummer, man who had the main role in legendary jamaican movie „Rockers) 1978). I said „Horsemouth!“ and he said „yea Original Rockers!“. Once i get lost and get into a wrong recording studio but i’ve found out i’m quite lucky as i was just at the rehersal of Bunny Wailer and his band preparing for the european show and i’ve heard legendary songs live such as „No woman no cry“ or „Legalize it“ – that was something.

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Výstava fotografií David Těšínský – Jah People