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Vernisáž výstavy obrazů Šimony Součkové

Do 29.5.2016 bude ve Výstavní síni Antonína Navrátila, Nové sdružení, Husinecká 8, Praha 3, přístupná výstava obrazů Šimony Součkové. Otevřeno Po – Pá 15 – 18.

Born in Prague (Czech Republic), Šhimona Součková  attended studies of fine arts and architecture and obtained a high school diploma in history of art (and of Sociology and Pedagogy) in 1970. Five years later, she finished her graduate’s upper course of the school of  the musical arts (D.A.M.U.), specialized in theater. She left the official cultural structure of the totalitarian regime and ended up in the circle of the said ‚unofficial culture‘.

In 1983, she emigrated at first towards Spain, passed by Canada, then settled down in France, in Amiens, where she was in charge of the management of workshops in fine arts. She also worked for various theater companies and became member of the Amiens troupe called ‚Charnière‘. In parallel, she exhibited her works in France, Italy, Belgium and in Czech Republic. In 2000, she discovered the Auvergne and settled in Thiers.

„Mastering perfectly the techniques of expression of fine arts, being full of the biblical and Greco-Roman myths, tales and songs of her native country, Šhimona Součková organizes her imagination in unstable, floating works within a world where her dreams balance each other in poetry and aestheticism.

Formerly, to keep the stories, she wished to become a writer but she never found the right word for the images which she kept and fed. She gave up the writing for the benefit of her brush and realized that the tool changed nothing in correctness.
Cahiers de création plastique of Puy de Dôme, 2010.

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Vernisáž výstavy obrazů Šimony Součkové