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Vernisáž výstavy obrazů Aneje Nuhanovice: Blitz Pop

27. 8.-8. 10. / Artěl concept store / Malba

Do 8.10.2015 v Artěl concept store, Platnéřská 7, Praha 1, přístupná zajímavá výstava obrazů Aneje Nuhanovice: Blitz Pop.

Nearly a year after featuring his artwork in the group exhibition that launched its new gallery space, ARTĚL is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of recent paintings by Anej Nuhanovic (a.k.a. “El Bosnio”).

In the Oil on board paintings being shown in the current exhibition, Nuhanovic utilizes imagery from vintage American advertisements to explore what he calls their “propaganda-like” messages about “values, consumerism, lifestyle, and happiness.” In particular, he is seeking to show connections between both the style and content of such advertisements and the imagery used in Nazi propaganda posters from World War II.

Anej Nuhanovic, (EL BOSNIO) is born in Sarajevo, Bosnia. After immigrating to United States, showed at various American galleries. For many years worked as an illustrator and graphic designer. To support him self he worked as an art restorer for prominent art dealers located in New York and Washington DC. Anej received his BFA from George Mason University and his MA from Academy of Art and Architecture of Prague. Served as a assistant curator of the National Artist Alliance and won numerous awards, exhibited and worked on projects around the Washington DC. Metro area.
His fascination with the use of colors in American landscape and exterior space is still present in his latest work „GO, STOP and SHOP“. These paintings are just few from his collection. Although flat and chilling representation of our surroundings he also evokes dreams of the inhabited past and sterile future. Man created environment that sterilizes not just planet earth but also our visual cues. Slowly these visual clues are dumbfounding the general populous and increasing chances of warlike future.
He marks these changes with a hope that things will change. He lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic.

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Vernisáž výstavy obrazů Aneje Nuhanovice: Blitz Pop