Martin Fryč
ilustrace výstavy
ilustrace výstavy
ilustrace výstavy
ilustrace výstavy

Vernisáž výstavy hostující profesorky AVU a studentů Š.A.L.O.U.N.

Do 29.1.2017 bude v Šalounově vile, Slovenská 4, Praha 10 – Vinohrady, přístupná výstava hostující profesorky AVU Christiny Della Giustina a jejích studentů Š.A.L.O.U.N.

The focus of Š.A.L.O.U.N. lays upon two equally important themes, the individual and the whole, both understood as organisms and both equally alive: a living environment with a particular soil from which communication arises and a destinct root system through which matter and information metabolizes into different individual works. This generative force keeps on thriving the evolution of the whole and its individual parts.

The presentation resonates with the spectrum of our senses and spans a wide scope of media.

Marija Čipkute, Sarah Dubná, Seiko Hihara, Natálie Hošková, Emily G. A. Huurdeman, Pamela Kuťáková, Li Zi Han, Liu Ting Chun, Martina Nosková, Dong Joon Park, Jakub Pospíšil, Wong Chui Yin and Christina Della Giustina, we open our doors and invite you to investigate how we relate to the place, to each other and to ourselves and how we turn these relations into vital processes that generate further connections.

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Vernisáž výstavy hostující profesorky AVU a studentů Š.A.L.O.U.N.