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ilustrace výstavy

Vernisáž Terezy Kurovské a otevření dada semináře The Solution, Bořivojova 70

11. 3.-31. 3. / Solution / Instalace

Cca do 31.3.2016 bude v nově otevřeném The Solution, Bořivojova 70, Praha 3, přístupná výstava – instalace Terezy Kurovské.

The dadaist seminar is proud to announce the inauguration of its new space at Bořivojova 70 in Prague-Žižkov with a solo exhibition by czech artist Tereza Kurovská.
The exhibition will feature fabric sculptures made between 2014 and 2016, as well as watercolors and paintings. Made from pieces of fabric and other domestic effects accrued over months, Kurovská.’s fabric sculptures are abstract yet acutely personal works, retaining allusions to the materials’ past incarnations.
A long time hoarder of cloth and household items such as tablecloths, napkins and bed linen, Kurovská cut up and re-stitched these, transforming her lived materials into art. Through sewing she attempted to effect psychological repair: ‘I always had the fear of being separated and abandoned. The sewing is my attempt to keep things together and make things whole’.
The fabric sculptures are abstract and heterogeneous, deriving their formal logic from the juxtapositions of patterns printed on their materials and the artist’s long-standing motifs.

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Vernisáž Terezy Kurovské a otevření dada semináře The Solution, Bořivojova 70