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Vernisáž studentských architektonických klauzur Archipu 2018

1. 6.-8. 6. / DOX / Architektura

Do 8.6.2018 bude v centru současného umění DOX, v novém objektu DOX+, Poupětova 3, Praha 7, přístupná ve 3.patře zajímavá výstava mezinárodních studentských architektonických klauzur Archipu 2018.

Architectural Institute in Prague (ARCHIP) je mezinárodní soukromá vysoká škola architektury s výukou v angličtině.

The official Opening was be followed by the announcement of the winners of this year’s Golden Roubik award.

Golden Roubik, or GoRo for streamlined use is a bi-annual award given in the honour of ARCHIP cofounder Martin Roubik. Martin was a prominent representative of contemporary Czech and European architecture. A man devoted to a cause of elevating the field of architecture and of its progress forwards. A critic of stale creations and nonadaptive academia. Martin Roubik also co-founded the architecture studio Snøhett. With his studio he designed many great buildings, including the Alexandrian library in Cairo – a building that claimed the World Architecture Award.

GoRo is awarded to the best student and the best studio of the semester. The jury is formed by prominent members of international architecture community, who evaluate submitted projects of the students and make a final ruling to the best ones.


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Vernisáž studentských architektonických klauzur Archipu 2018