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ilustrace výstavy
ilustrace výstavy
ilustrace výstavy
ilustrace výstavy

Vernisáž STÆTICS (HND Interactive Media Exhibition)

27. 1.-27. 1. / Grid / Fotografie

27.1.2016 proběhla v soukromém prostoru Grid nedaleko Národní, Praha 1, jednovečerní výstava STÆTICS (studentů Prague College – HND Interactive Media).

Vystavovali: Bruno Petrin, Fernanda Hernandez, Lala Lutfalibayova, Michael Hendricks, Sára Dvořáková, Vic Woody Taranuha, Wayne Kratochvil, William Kornelius Holm.

Prague College’s students of the HND Interactive Media presented STÆTICS, the final exhibition of international young artists exploring new ways of art through technology. All of them presented interactive pieces that immerse the audience into different cultures, personalities, styles and stories.

For our final year we decided to move out from our comfort zone inside of the College’s installations and embark into the unknown, by working only with what we had to create what we wanted. After many bumps in the way we found a space that reflects the urban environment our ideas and installations are based on; the use of consumer technology for artistic purposes, to transform what we see on our daily basis (music, reflections, colors, etc.) to a completely new thing, to give it new purpose and a different perspective for everyone to see and interact with. The fact of the space being a club helps us to attract different types of audience, to let them explore our work, to be more open to who we show our projects and at the same time it help us to explore new ways of exhibiting art where normally is not exhibited, challenging ourselves to be together as a group and make everything work.

Fotografie z výstavy

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Vernisáž STÆTICS (HND Interactive Media Exhibition)