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Vernisáž skupinové výstavy PEEL (my tendance was never meant to be a scar)

15. 7.-20. 8. / A.M.180 gallery / Instalace

Do 20. 8. 2021 bude v galerii A.M.180, Jeronýmova 9, Praha 3, přístupná zajímavá skupinová výstava PEEL (my tendance was never meant to be a scar).

Otevírací doba:

Středy ~ 17:00 ─ 20:00
Soboty ~ 17:00 ─ 20:00

PEEL (my tendance was never meant to be a scar) presents the work of artists Pauline Canavesio, Luna Faye Naumer Mateos, Sedami Gracia Elvis Theodor Ophelia Azilinon, Miriama Kardošová, Eliška Konečná, Dominika Moravčíková, Sarahsson and Dominik Styk.
These eight artists are unified by their respective pursuits to process, to care, and to dream. Through sculpture, photography, video, textiles, and performance they grapple with corporeal and emotional realities and at the same time, envision a world beyond the one they’re in.
We spiral towards the world within. It’s complex and tangled, with blaring sounds and blazing colors. You don’t come here to celebrate ─ you come to take responsibility.
We all communicate with our inner selves. We cultivate feelings and emotions, (re)connect with our memories and conscience and arrange them in satisfactory order. We shut away our anxiety and despair in lockers (and later pretend we’ve lost the key).
You can spend a lifetime trying to understand and accept how to navigate these unpredictable waves. Here evolution can happen in a millisecond. Everything is always developing, changing, growing. Nothing remains the same for long. New shapes, textures and colors, new smells, sounds and gestures. And all those goddamned voices! Souls and demons chattering, singing, laughing, shrieking, weeping – each one demanding attention and care.
This journey is not for the shallow, apathetic, ignorant, or puritanical. It requires strength of mind and heart to open these doors and to know what must be done next.
Imagine yourself in a fantasy adventure game, travelling through a vivid land of wonders ─ almost unbearably beautiful, unbearably fatal. Each step you take, you gain new special powers. Your heart is beating symphonies and you witness magic that the unenlightened couldn’t even dream of dreaming. It’s all there, it’s all at our fingertips, unless we find ourselves trapped in the belly of that great, great madness.
~ Jan Durina
The title of the exhibition is excerpted from the poems „Peel“ and „My Tendance“ by Dominika Moravčíková
Jan Durina ー Curator
Dávid Čerťanský ー Curatorial Assistant
Patrik Adamec – Exhibition Design
Reece Cox ー Editor
Bianka Chladek – Graphic & poster design
Special Thanks to Martin Hajšo, Markéta Soukupová, Ingrid Ďurinová and František Hanousek
This project has been supported using public funds provided by Slovak Arts Council and AVU (Academy of Fine Arts in Prague).

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Vernisáž skupinové výstavy PEEL (my tendance was never meant to be a scar)