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Vernisáž privátní výstavy Jessicy Serran: Objects of my Affection

Do 31.1.2017 bude v Advokátní kanceláři Pierstone, Na Příkopě 9, Praha 1, 5.patro, pro vážné zájemce a sběratele (po předchozí domluvě s The Chemistry Gallery), přístupná zajímavá výstava obrazů Jessicy Serran: Objects of my Affection.

OBJECTS OF MY AFFECTION is a tender and raw collection of paintings about a modern woman’s struggle to find her way in and through relationship.

The catalogue and the paintings are a collection of confessions and rumination about my past, about the relationships I’ve been in and the things I’ve done (not all of which is so flattering).

By far, this is my most vulnerable work yet.

I’ll also be announcing the next big thing that’s on the horizon. Proceeds from the catalogue will be in support of this!

Jessica Serran is a Visual Artist and the leader of The Becoming Artist Movement. She began her own art-making journey over a decade ago before giving birth to a whole new way of being an artist in the world. Born in Ontario, Canada, she holds an MA in Transformative Art from John F Kennedy University in Berkeley, CA and a BFA in Illustration from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI.

Currently living in Prague, CZ and recently named a Leader of the New Cool in Prague, she has exhibited and published her work in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and across North America; been featured in Art 21, The Prague Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, Detroit MetroTimes and was a 2014 Creative Mornings guest speaker on the topic of Color.

This series of paintings is deeply personal – they are the story of her own struggle to find love and resolution, but they are also here in support of something more universal – an exhibition of 6 up-and-coming artists who are part of the Becoming Artist Movement.

Serran began the Becoming Artist Movement as a way to combine contemporary art, spirituality, personal development and practical, moneymaking strategies and to teach artists around the globe how to have a powerful impact in the world. Through one-on-one coaching programs and online courses, artists are trained to become leaders of an International Creative Movement through the power of community.

Each of these six artists is stepping onto their first international stage as the culmination of the 9-month, Becoming Artist Coaching Program. Their art represents a commitment to truth-telling and a mission to awaken ourselves, and others, to the parts of our humanity that have fallen asleep. Their work peels back layers of shame and guilt, opens up new doorways, gives voice to the unvoiced, and brings healing to what hides in the darkness.

The event itself, titled Safe to Speak, is a carefully crafted multimedia and multi-sensory exhibition designed to open up space for universal emotion, personal vulnerability and genuine dialogue. The audience will be led through a series of carefully crafted rituals and thresholds that prepare them to meet the art, the artist and themselves in a whole new way.

Half of the sale from each of these paintings will go directly towards sponsoring this exhibition and the artists, and the voices of women around the globe as they come together for Safe to Speak – the First International Becoming Artist Exhibition in Prague, Spring 2017.

Learn more about the exhibition at: .

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Vernisáž privátní výstavy Jessicy Serran: Objects of my Affection