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Vernisáž Philip Crawford: Show Me Your Button (ukaž mi Tvůj pupík)

29. 4.-27. 5. / A Maze in Tchaiovna / Malba

Do 27.5.2016 bude v příjemné vegetariánské čajovně A maze in tchaiovna, Muchova 4, Praha 6 (metro Hradčanská), přístupná ehm … výstava zvláštního projektu Philipa Crawforda: Show Me Your Button (ukaž mi Tvůj pupík).

Join us at A Maze in Tachaiovna as artist Philip Crawford presents Show Me Your Button for the first time in Prague! Show Me Your Button is a navel gazing project, a series of belly button portraits that challenge our ideas of the unseen, the ordinary, and the unique. This is a collaborative event…bring your materials to make a belly button portrait of your own!

“I’ve discovered that completing a belly button portrait is a surprisingly intimate experience, perhaps more so than traditional portraiture. Rather than the ‘alloverness’ that comes from having someone capture your entire body–even nude–the intense focus on just your navel can be unsettling. Its a sensitive area that provokes all types of self-consciousness when scrutinized by someone else. More than once, I’ve had people warn me about their strange, abnormal, or otherwise imperfect navels. Love handles, umbilical hernias, overgrown happy trails, cesarean scars, cavernous innies, overzealous outies, jagged stretch marks…those personal imperfections that they’ve discovered in the course of their own navel gazing. This project would be incomplete without these infinite little variations.”

Philip is an American artist currently living in Prague. His work explores the intersections between individual or group narratives and visual storytelling. You can read more at


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Vernisáž Philip Crawford: Show Me Your Button (ukaž mi Tvůj pupík)