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Vernisáž Per Oscar Jensen – Almost Really

29. 10.-27. 11. / Galerie Navrátil / Malba

Do 27.11.2015 bude v Galerii Navrátil, Vítkova 15, Praha 8, přístupná zajímavá výstava dánského malíře Pera Oscara Jensena – Almost Really.

The selected paintings and aquarelles of the Danish contemporary artist Per Oscar Jensen are exhibited in Galerie Navratil I Prague. He studied at the Art Academy in Copenhagen and his works have been exhibited in a number of important exhibitions in Denmark. Furthermore, he is heading for a major breakthrough on the international art market.

Even though he works with the figurative and spatial, he is freely related to realism. The drawings in the painting are often very realistic, whereas other elements of the picture are not necessarily so. He breaks the realism and adds elements of unpredictability.



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Vernisáž Per Oscar Jensen – Almost Really