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Vernisáž Micky drei + Jana Zimová

Cca do 18.5.2016 bude v nově otevřeném The Solution, Bořivojova 70, Praha 3, přístupná výstava Micky drei + Jana Zimová.

Mickey drei
„I consume, therefore I am“ over ten years ago.The Mickey 3 , three girls from Zürich Nina von Meiss (* 1978), Dominique Vigne (* 1981) and Christina Pfander (* 1980) made this sentence their motto,it describes their free and naughty installation „supermarket“ which consisted of handmade objects made out of tin foil, plasticine, styrofoam or paper mache. Over a thousand luxury object packaged in plastic wraps formed the first major work series „M3 supermarket“. The selection ranged from children’s toys to sweets and lobsters, from happy pills to human organs and implants and was shown 2001 at Galerie Walcheturm The Mickry3 products could be purchased at bargain prices, due to the creed of the artists to make art affordable for everyone. Even the Kunsthaus Zurich acquired for its collection the sex department with toys for adults.
The series „Get Physical“ created quite a stir : Gesturing giant penises and breasts -or Vaginas on two legs. In their latest exhibition in the Helmhaus Zürich in Summer 2014, Mickrey drei revealed their latest works, here they showed over a 200 large and small scuptures.

Jana Zimová
Jana Zimová (*1987) is a Czech painter and illustrator. The theme of all of her paintings are bizarre stories, that are full of dramatic moments, erotic, miracles and weird beasts. The inspiration for these artworks are drawn from stories that appear in the daily press and from the traditional myths from South America and Asia.
Zimovás works are full of allegorys and a a dark symbolism, this makes her works look scary and inviting at the same time. In her paintings the exaggerated reality collides with nightmares and dreams,always spiced with a portion of humor.
All paintings are made in classical manner with oil paint and canvas.
She lives and works in Germany.

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Vernisáž Micky drei + Jana Zimová