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Vernisáž Martin Vongrej: Seven Uncountable Lines

30. 5.-18. 6. / Karlin studios / Instalace

Do 18.6.2017 bude pouze po předchozí domluvě na e-mail (testovací provoz), přístupná v Karlin studios, Prvního pluku 2, Praha 8 (kousek od Florence v objektu bývalých kasáren za Negrelliho viaduktem),  zajímavá výstava – instalace Martina Vongreje: Seven Uncountable Lines.

When I was a child I couldnt step on lines on the street.

Having X together.
Heading towards an orgasm, reaching the consciousness.
Undo split.
His attempt to be surrounded by her.
Infinite body colour, semi transparent sphere.
Her attempt to surround him as the very center inside of her.
Infinite, invert to seeing, single point.
There, where the Sun doesn‘t see if its light, was its vision.
Meaning while always involving death as a particle into lifes equation.
Small death.
Ethernal inside fluid.
Meaning that if she was born seven years older or seven years younger, if she was there all the time.
There is the only direction into consciousness.
And time is a rotation.
When you have absolutly nothing to do, you can see consciousness.
To see gravity.
The human perception of space as a result of gravity.
Pressure of meaning.
Pressure of gravity.
Moving through space and reading through space.
Text and textile.
As many latters as you need for the meaning.
Meaning by walking.
Interchangable spaces.
Reading the space, counting the world.

Martin Vongrej
(Martin Vongrej is resident at A.I.R. FUTURA with the support of Visegrad Artist Residency Program– Visual and Sound Arts.)

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Vernisáž Martin Vongrej: Seven Uncountable Lines