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Vernisáž KMS / Aftermath _ core.pan

21. 4.-28. 4. / A.M.180 gallery /

Cca do 28.4.2017 bude v galerii A.M.180, Bělehradská 45, Praha 2, (v době konání pořadů nebo po domluvě), přístupná výstava + video KMS / Aftermath _ core.pan.

time travel through realms of dark energy
looking for signs of infra world,
or energy leftovers
from massive disruption.

effective dark matter-silent active water
KMS:/ i’ll never forget / there is no void

You’re frozen at minimal zero then you begins to travel afar
On the structure of all
the ones who finds and talk to the Elementals should learn
and get the alpha map of the unknown side

spring water, pole ice, sea, tears, your body, your azurean pool—- in it lies the fluidic informative, inter-living media
some of us knew from their heart
some now search for it with logical vessels
all them in retreat

In the depths of earth where the crawling center rushes far away from you__ but you feel the vibrations of its storm_
you have high end sensors that can see your astral self_
and there the un-seen force can perhaps be trapped or at least

do there is some link with time travel in these underground bases_
do they found a transmutative hole that leads to pre-life zone

maybe some cryonic spell__will rise in Antarctica after the last piece
of ice has melted


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Vernisáž KMS / Aftermath _ core.pan