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ilustrace výstavy
ilustrace výstavy
ilustrace výstavy
ilustrace výstavy

Vernisáž klauzur Prague College MA Fine Art & MA Future Design: Parsing the Arbitrary

Jenom do 22.6.2018 budou v Prague College, Biskupský dvůr 6, Praha 1, přístupné výstavy klauzur oborů MA Fine Art & MA Future Design: Parsing the Arbitrary.

Úvodní text k výstavě:

At the end of a historic cobblestoned street, a motley crew of creators have put together a culmination of their creative processes of the last two years. Prague College’s flagship postgraduate programme has become a spatial intervention, wherein the studios that were used to birth these ideas have evolved into the eventual space of display.

Across the three floors Tommy explores emotions – recognising them, learning to understand them, coping with them and finally making peace with their concrete existence. Laura delves into the importance of emotional companionship and the role it plays in the maintenance of a balanced and coherent growth.

Through sound, Madeline attempts to trigger complex and nuanced emotions of nostalgia and belonging from ruins within a particular city. Mike strips down our known senses to prove we are adaptable to any environment. We experience a full set of sensory interactions in any reality, even when our sensory inputs are limited.

Movement is explored as Akshaya dwells into geographical displacement and Panik tries to find a different language of communication, by combining choreography and materiality.

As assembly lines get de-established by Ivana, and basic consumption gets questioned and perfected by Michal; we cannot help but raise questions about our lifestyle choices, our detachment and societal ties that go unquestioned.

Home gets explored beyond four walls when David goes back to the rooted to try and bring forth a post-anthropocentric narrative, while doing so; questioning our relationship to nature as it gets transported and recorded in the abstract. The idea of a home, in its materiality, is our sense of anchoring. Karolina tries to enhance this material relationship within four walls by reimagining home maintenance.

Ultimately, Irina questions and explores death; attempting to make it visible and tangible in an otherwise invisible realm.

Within this art and design intervention we invite you to build, retell, restructure and re-establish the logic of these connections as you parse the arbitrary.


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Vernisáž klauzur Prague College MA Fine Art & MA Future Design: Parsing the Arbitrary