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Vernisáž klauzur Prague College HND Grafický design „Dirty Sellouts“ a Fine Art: „Mimesis“

Jenom do 25.5.2017 budou v Prague College, Biskupský dvůr 6, Praha 1, přístupné výstavy klauzur oborů HND Grafický design „Dirty Sellouts“ a Fine Art: „Mimesis“.

Once creative, imaginative kids. Now just dirty sellouts.

Prague College invites you to come and view the graduating efforts of the students of BA (Hons) Graphic Design, as they wait to see what the future brings. 36 students present their work in print, web, user experience, packaging, identity, and more.

Their final show presents their work over three years of the Bachelor’s degree programme and an additional Foundation year. The identity for the show comes from the universal experience of childhood drawings. Though in the present these students’ work spans a wide range of disciplines ranging from user experience design for cars to graphics for skateboards, almost all of them spent their childhoods drawing imaginary monsters and spaceships.

This exhibition represents that idea: that the origin of any creative professional emerges from a child with a bunch of crayons and a need to vandalize. The students themselves, representing over 15 nationalities, will be around to talk about their work, their thesis projects and their final graphic projects of the BA year.

Check out this website they made – !!!

This year, the twelve students of our BA (Hons) Fine Art Experimental Media programme will be mounting ther graduation show in the college’s art and design studios at Bishop’s Court.

Entitled ‚Mimesis‘, the Greek word for ‚Imitation‘, the exhibition explores the students‘ shared interest in perception, mediums, technology and society. According to the students‘ own introduction to the catalogue, „As well as the world being a place of creation and inspiration, an artist is someone whom Plato defined as one searching for shadowy representations, or imitations, of undiscovered archetypical ideals.“

The students exhibiting are Jiri Karnik, Lala Lutfalibayova, Wayne Kratochvil, Visar Dyla, Michael Henriques, Maria Fernanda Navarro Hernandez, William Holm, Klara Volna, Maximilian Dudas, Liaman Khankishiyeva, Sharina Shahrin and Radek Fiala.

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Vernisáž klauzur Prague College HND Grafický design „Dirty Sellouts“ a Fine Art: „Mimesis“