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Vernisáž klauzur Prague College HND Grafický design a Interactive media / Zima 2019

Jenom do 30.1.2019 budou v Prague College, Polská 10, Praha 2, přístupné výstavy klauzur oborů HND Grafický design a HND Interactive media.

Klauzurní výstava Devět:

A journey that started a year ago.

Devět marks not the end but rather the beginning of that part of our lives where we discover the artists and designers in us. With each of us preparing to go our own ways, this exhibition marks the debut of showcasing our creativity open for all to witness. Being a diverse group, our work follows suit by being equally diverse. Some with views and representations of the way they see things, others on a quest and a few on being their own transparent selves.

The 9 of us symbolize the keys which unlock the door showing this sojourn. Beyond this door, you will see each of us in our own little nook or bang in the centre of it all.

As apprentices in the art and design world we would love to have you there to support us.

The Foundation Team of 1804


We are group Oliver, eleven aspiring graphic designers from different countries, brought to you by Prague College. We are a team of unique individuals each with their own style and approach to design.

Despite all our differences, there’s one thing under which all of us unite – the brief. We are given a single page text paper and each of us translates it into their own unique visual language. In this exhibition, we want to showcase and embrace our differences and honor the framework that unites us


Climate catastrophe, information overload, piling debts, screen time sleeplessness, and all the loneliness in between. Welcome to the age of anxiety. The exhibition S(he) had to wait in the waiting room for 15 minutes is a one-to-one guided experience through five interpretations of anxiety. Five artists will present their works grappling with the problem of anxiety in the modern age. With artworks ranging from sculpture to performance, to installations, Prague College’s Fine Art Experimental Media students aim to create an open space to creatively approach and rethink anxiety.

The last hours of the exhibition on Jan, 30th are dedicated to a performative curator’s walk led by curator Sasha and the launch of the publication Word Therapy. The publication consists of a mix of creative and academic writings on the topic of anxiety, such as its relation to climate breakdown or the link between digital communication and anxiety disorders. The contributors are as following: Andrea Průchová Hrůzová, Karel Veselý, Theo Carnegy-Tan, Ian Morell, and Sasha. The publication is a supplement to the exhibition.


Curator of the exhibition: Sasha

Featured artists:
Anastasiya Kozyarchuk, Anna Maslenko, Isabela Juchniewicz, Tasya Nafigina, Valeria Yeromenko

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Vernisáž klauzur Prague College HND Grafický design a Interactive media / Zima 2019