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Vernisáž klauzur Prague College: Art & Design Foundation + Fine Art Experimental Media Exhibition

10. 6.-13. 6. / Prague College / Instalace

Jenom do čtvrtka 13.6.2019 budou v Prague College, Polská 10, Praha 2 (vstup za rohem z Blanické), přístupné výstavy klauzur oborů Art & Design Foundation + Fine Art Experimental Media.

Art & Design Foundation – Leftovers:

We are the remaining students of our class which began in September 2018. Despite spending almost a year together, we are no more similar to one another than we were when we first met.
For the most part we all come from different countries, speak different languages and are interested in different things, our work reflects these differences. Whether it’s the declining use of Latvian symbols, attitudes towards current environmental issues or a virtuous composer, none are the same.
Our exhibition isn’t about what brings us together as a collective, but how we all continue to be different despite being stuck together by chance.
This exhibition comes at the end of our 2nd semester, marking the end of our foundation studies. It is our “last supper” as a class at Prague College. Continuing to be seen as the same group after this exhibition is unlikely. This exhibition is a reminder of all the time we’ve spent together up until this point, not that you’d ever know.

UI Catharsis – BA (Hons) Fine Art Experimental Media Exhibition:

Prague College BA (Hons) Fine Art Experimental Media students Karolina Kozikova and Tan Sher Lynn present „UI Catharsis“, an exhibition which explores the processes which involves technology and human emotions.

Karolina Kozikova’s works explore the embodiment of human characteristics in nature and non-living things. On the other hand, Tan Sher Lynn attempted to simulate the feeling of depression through narratives gathered from others in hopes of opening a wider discussion about mental health.

UI Catharsis unravels the repressed emotions through interactive multi-sensorial art with monochromatic visuals.

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Vernisáž klauzur Prague College: Art & Design Foundation + Fine Art Experimental Media Exhibition