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Vernisáž Kai Altmann (aka Hitashya) – Flexia XLE: OASIS

Do 30.8.2019 bude v Garage Gallery Karlin, Vítkova 7a, Praha 8 – Karlín, přístupná zajímavá instalační výstava Kai Altmann (aka Hitashya) – Flexia XLE: OASIS.  Otevřeno St – Čt 14:00 – 18:00.

Kai Altmann (aka Hitashya) is a globally nomadic artist who makes work in conceptually soft-branded “teams” or series which she treats as palettes, identities and states of mind.

These teams include many kinds of materials, language and conceptual craft, which she binds together through performance, image-making, music, text, installations, social feeds and video. With a background in music and film as well as fine art and many different alternative communities, she embodies an interdisciplinary practice which champions social and experiential forms of art as much as physical exhibitions.

She is focused on the survival tactics and morphing ecologies of communal fantasy images or “meta images”, as well as creating new mutant vocabularies inside cultural superstructures, what she calls “DIY soft power”.

The series/identity on display here, FLEXIA, looks at sites of tension between large, abstract external systems and the intimate (natural, psychic, ancient) inner realm, with special attention to the territorial prowess of language and image.

In this version of FLEXIA, the white tensile fabric which is so ubiquitous as sun shading canopies in developing megastructures and xeric/tropical climes around the world is turned into a display medium, with various “text alerts” and messages cut into the cloth—words of varying degrees of confrontation which pierce through via sunlight. These texts seem to come from far beyond the body in this particular location and time, yet are beamed down and “printed” into the space in a suspiciously serene and natural way.

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Vernisáž Kai Altmann (aka Hitashya) – Flexia XLE: OASIS