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Vernisáž Isabell Alexandra M: ‚Hungry German Youth‘

11. 5.-22. 5. / Hidden Gallery / Fotografie

Nejméně do 22.5.2017 bude v Hidden Gallery – Soukromé bytové galerii Tachovské náměstí, Praha 3,  po předchozí domluvě pro vážné zájemce přístupná zajímavá výstava Isabell Alexandry M: ‚Hungry German Youth‘.

The presented documental photographic project reveals the adolescent search for self-identity and social role as an eternal process in the infinite universe of possibilities since the digital revolution. The conceptual collective subjectivity, created by the equalisation of the photographing instance, gives an honest, pure insight into the complexity and intimacy of German youth and illustrates different views on the same world, generation, humans, and their own lives in a merger of the variousness and individuality of perspectives and experiences.
The intermediality of the presentation calls attention to the contemporary use of modern virtuality in a critical way while the live-concert of Czech music creates an intercultural relation by the lyrics and atmosphere.

Fotografie z výstavy

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Vernisáž Isabell Alexandra M: ‚Hungry German Youth‘