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Vernisáž Fabiana Mertová: Events

15. 1.-28. 2. / NoD Roxy / Fotografie

Do 28.2.2016 bude v kavárně NoD, Dlouhá 33, Praha 1 (první patro), přístupná výstava fotograficko- konceptuálního projektu Fabiany Mertové: Events.

Vystavená díla pracují s texty autorů hnutí Fluxus.


„Fluxus events

​I worked with texts by different authors from Fluxus movement. These short texts were written around 1960 and they were intended as a musical score-tutorials for minimalist performance – “events” that everybody can realize or just interpret them. For many authors, the text is the only expression, but many of the events were presented to the audience. The events, what I chose,  have never been realized or recorded so therefore I decided to make them real and photograph them.“

Fabiana Mertová is a current student of her 2nd and final graduation year of Master degree in the Department of Photograpy at FAMU in Prague from studio intermedia and postconceptual photography.

She was studying in Jerusalem at school Bezalel the department of photography. She attended classes of Štepánka Šimlová, Jiří Thýn, Nir Evron, Muhamad Jabali, Chen Shapira, Ben Dov.

Fabiana deals in her projects with photography, collages, manipulation of technical images and video. In the last projects she started to depict the creation of the preformance and she intends to continue in this theme.

Fotografie z výstavy

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Vernisáž Fabiana Mertová: Events