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Vernisáž Chris Lettner: Tinder in Tehran

21. 7.-10. 8. / Standard Cafe / Fotografie

Do 10.8.2015 bude ve Standard Cafe, Karoliny Světlé 23, Praha 1, přístupná zajímavá fotografická výstava Chrise Lettnera: Tinder in Tehran.

Iran on the threshold of the end of isolation and beyond the standard narratives.

Lesser known facts about Iran are: people laugh, cry and tell bad jokes. They are young, open, progressive and educated. There’s no gender gap in enrollment for higher technical degrees. They get more nosejobs than anyone. Iran may be the only place where people drink while driving because it is safer – but they do drink. Facebook and Twitter are banned but Tinder is a thing. All children watch Pat and Mat. They can’t understand why Westerners join ISIS. Tehran has really nice artsy coffeeshops. It has a ShakeShack imitation that is indisginguishable from the real thing.

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Vernisáž Chris Lettner: Tinder in Tehran