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Vernisáž Benn Murhaaya: Instant Success

Do 3.4.2016 bude v obchodě a galerii Le Boudoir, Cimburkova 22, Praha 3, přístupná výstava fotografií Benna Murhaaya: Instant Success.

Po delší odmlce způsobené vydáváním knihy se Benn Murhaaya opět vrací na kulturní scénu s další výstavou.  Tentokrát hezky v barvě, ale tématicky je to stále stejný Murhaaya jak ho znáte.

Na místě je k vidění něco pod stovku reprodukcí polaroidů za posledních pár let.

Autorův text k výstavě a o sobě je v angličtině:

Instant Success
My first experience with Polaroid cameras dates back to year 2010. I bought a batch of various expired film. Included was a pack of Polaroid 669 a film, that produces alien green prints. From those days, more than the photos itself, I remember the distinct smell of the chemistry. Kind of like a rotten eggs with a hint of cotton candy. At that time the photos were not good. The camera was one of the low end models and did not allow for much if any exposure settings. Lighter vs. darker and that’s about it. Fast forward a few years and thanks to my friend, I got hold of a professional grade medium format SLR with instant back. Even though it did not cover the whole picture frame it cover most of it and I could finally work with the focus and precision I was used to from regular film. In the beginning it was more of gimmick but over time, I started to appreciate and seek the colors and renderings of the instant material. However heretical it may sound to the Polaroid purist I prefer the colors on the newer Fuji film. Those deep and saturated together with the wizardry of instant process never cease to amaze me. Even though the colors are balanced for daylight, I prefer to shoot it under various lights. Tungsten, fluorescent lights, LEDs… our eyes adjust for the color tint in those sources but the film does not and may turn out deeply golden, pale green, warmer, cooler… interesting. If you try to repeat it later with the same light it might turn out different but it very rarely turns out bad. What many may cited as the main reason they love the instant process, like the fact that there is only one original print or that the photo is developed in mater of minutes and continues developing in front of my eyes, I see just as a nice by products of the process itself but I am in for the colors.


Benn Murhaaya is Prague based photographer with deep ties in to the local BDSM and fetish scene. He developed his style and gained his skills while working as a show photographer for body mod studio After that he used those skills to photograph pole dance and now theater. However unrelated those subcultures may seem, from a photographic standpoint it’s all show, dance and movement. Together with challenging lighting conditions it creates visual stimuli for him and his camera.

You can follow his work on or on his various tumblr blogs.


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Vernisáž Benn Murhaaya: Instant Success