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Vernisáž Béla Kása a Erika Kovács: Sedmihradští hudebníci a hrnčíři

Do 27.9.2015 bude v sklepní galerii Maďarského Institutu, Rytířská 25-27, Praha 1, přístupná zajímavá výstava Béla Kása a Erika Kovács: Sedmihradští hudebníci a hrnčíři.

Výstava fotografií a keramiky dokumentuje celoživotní úsilí a lásku autorů o zachování autentických maďarských tradic.

Béla Kása photographer

Kása Béla (Pécs, 1952. június 20.)

He graduates as an art photographer in 1979 at the Artistic College, Köln. During his studies he takes photos from Transylvania and Budapest for Stern magazine and photo reports about the Gypsies of Macedonia and Nagyszeben for Geo.

In 1983, at the age of 31, when many feels to leave his homeland he already returns back from West Germany, where he moved with his fathers at the age of 13. He thinks that he will be much closer to his most favourite Gypsy musicians of Transylvania and can take photos much more frequently about them.

1993: takes photos around Győző Somogyi, painter from Salföld.

1994: he is the photographer and picture editor of „MAG“ folk music magazine.

From 1995 he frequently follows with his camera the route of the Gypsies who do not want to settle down.

1996: The „Iveskönyvek“ serial publishes about him a volume titled „Béla Kása, the photographer.“

From 1996: member of Hungarian Art Photographers‘ Association.

1997 Transylvanian Musicians photo album is published in Hungarian and English language, that created the everlasting pantheon of the Transylvanian Gypsy and peasant musicians. It is impossible to draw consequences without him about the peasant music of the end of the 20th century.

From 1997 during two years he takes photos about 45 Transylvanian bands for the folkmusic research programme of „Last Hour.“

He is an self-obliged researcher, preserver and populariser of the folk culture. Plays music, makes field recordings and takes photos in Transylvania, Moldva and Gyimes, though he did excursion already in India, at the semi-nomad camel-pastor tribe, Rabari.

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Vernisáž Béla Kása a Erika Kovács: Sedmihradští hudebníci a hrnčíři