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Vernisáž Anastasia Serdyuk: Structural View Of The City

25. 11.-15. 12. / ArtChaos Bar / Fotografie

Do 15.12.2016 bude v Art Chaos Baru, Anenská 1, Praha 1, přístupná výstava fotografií Anastasie Serdyuk: Structural View Of The City.

City is an organism with it’s own soul, its own image and nature of urban space. City seems to be in a concentrated order, each element is a component of an ordered structure. The result is a maximum semantic richness of each element of the urban environment and whole city structure. The way city objects are located, the way city looks reflects thoughts about the Universe of this city creators.

Chaos raises life. It is an invisible and intangible beginning without any physical qualities, transforming erratic matter in ordered cosmos. Chaos reveals and deploys everything, it gives a possibility to get outside. At the same time it eliminates, absorbs everything, hides everything inside.

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Vernisáž Anastasia Serdyuk: Structural View Of The City