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Vernisáž Adriano Gentili: Žena ve fantazii

27. 5.-30. 6. / Jindřišská věž / Kresba

Do 30.6.2019 bude v Galerii Jindřišské věže, Jindřišská ulice, Praha 1, ve 3.patře přístupná výstava obrazů Adriano Gentili: Žena ve fantazii.

Adriano Gentili, illustrator artist and painter born in Rome in 1942, where he still lives and works. He has degree in Architecture at the University of Rome. He has the requisite qualifications for the teaching of design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. He taught drawing in high schools, in the Academy of Fine Arts, in addition to Graphics Architecture and History of Architecture, in collaboration, in Rome. He is author of several publications: “Michelangelo – opera analytical breakdown”, published by Trevi. “Practical Guide to architectural design” published Maggs. “Residential Types ideas and projects” and “Types of Architecture” Kappa Edizioni.

He held various solo and group exhibitions in Italy for graphics and painting obtaining consents from critics. His works, including drawings and paintings are part of private collections.

Kurátor: Sveva Manfredi Zavaglia

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Vernisáž Adriano Gentili: Žena ve fantazii