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Vernisáž 5.ročníku Rodchenko festu – Five

25. 6.-5. 7. / Venue / Grafický design

Pouze do 5.7.2015 bude v přízemí a  podzemí klubu VENUE, Havelská 4, Praha 1 (kousek od Můstku n. Národní), přístupná výstava 5.ročníku Rodchenko festu – Five.

The project was founded in 2010 and is celebrating its first anniversary this year. At the festival you can join a variety of events: exhibitions, workshops, lectures, etc.

At the exhibition, works of young and energetic designers from the whole world will be presented. Just for one week, students will be coming to Prague to create something in the field of visual communications together with the design guru. This time, a bold graphic experiment will be exhibited on three floors of the new art-space VENUE.

The name Aleksander Rodchenko is the name of best known Russian designer, the founder of Constructivism, the leading graphic, objective and theatrical designer in fine arts and avant-garde photography. Therefore, a Western wide-scale program of achievement of Russian design and art from historical as well as modern perspective, international exhibitions, creative and educational events featuring many Russian designers are named after him.

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Vernisáž 5.ročníku Rodchenko festu – Five