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Slavnostní otevření PragArtWorks gallery

14. 10.-30. 6. / PragArtworks Gallery / Malba

14.10.2019 proběhlo slavnostní otevření stálé galerie PragArtWorks gallery, Vinohradská 39, Praha 2.  Praha tak získala novou sběratelskou galerii k velmi kvalitním výběrem převážně českých současných umělců, často i s přesahy do graffiti a streetartu.

Zakladatelkou galerie je kanadská mecenáška umění Louise Beer.

PragArtworks is a showcase for a number Czech Contemporary Artists whose work I most admire as well as a small group of friends whose work that I believe should reach a wider audience.
We feature artists from different genre such as glass, sculpture, photography and mixed media .
Our plan is to stage five group shows simultaneously in a new exhibition space in Prague in the coming months.
We will be featuring 24 artists with great talent and diversity and the show will provide a dynamic platform for their work; all linking to the theme „United in Art“.
While many people are interested in acquiring Czech Art they are often not sure where to look or maybe even where to begin….so we have created this website where it is easy to view the art and to navigate the site. Just enquire if you are interested in any of the pieces.

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Slavnostní otevření PragArtWorks gallery