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Skupinová výstava Thoughts around the Black Square – Vasarelyho Muzeum Budapest

Do 27.9.2015 bude ve Vasarelyho muzeu, Szentlélek tér 6, Budapest III. – Óbuda, přístupná skupinová výstava Thoughts around the Black Square.


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Text k výstavě v AJ:

It has been a hundred years since Kazimir Malevich created his emblematic black-on-white square, which signified a major turning point in the history of twentieth century art. This work had a paradigmatic effect on the art of the era. Perhaps it is not an exaggeration to say that it has been the source of heated debates to this day and the subject of both praise and criticism. It has impacted a host of human-made things, from buildings to tea kettles and clothing.

OSAS, which regards the dissemination and familiarization of concrete art as it primary objective, of course, belongs to the first group. The society’s present exhibition is linked with a series of events organized by a number of European galleries and institutions on the themes of the square and the black square. It aims to show how the thoughts evoked by this hundred-year-old work resonate with contemporary artists today, with reactions ranging from reinterpretation to derision.

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Skupinová výstava Thoughts around the Black Square – Vasarelyho Muzeum Budapest