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Módní prezentace Niñasilla: Dream on

20. 3.-20. 3. / Recycle With Love / Móda

20.3.2015 proběhla v obchodě Recycle with Love, Veverkova 8, Praha 7, prezentace módních kousků, které svými vyšívanými ilustracemi vyzdobila ilustrátorka a výtvarnice Niñasilla (vlastním jménem Nadia Chair Tirado).

„Lately i like to experiment with different techniques and materials, my explorer spirit i could say… I had a proposal of Martina from Recycle with LOVE she wanted me to do a small collection of clothes she will choose and I will paint them all, of course she chose BLACK for me, The theme was free and i needed to paint the different pieces i thought to go to brodery instead of painting and make them more value and longeval so going to the past and memorizing the lessons my dear mum teach me i start brodering the different clothes. Who will tell me i could use in future that?!? At the end the collection was 6 pieces even we have a kissable- shorts! I had really nice time doing that work and even we made a pretty familiar event were people could see them all and even got one sold! 6 pieces of clothes full of LOVE and dreams…“

Nadia Chair Tirado, a.k.a Niñasilla, is an Andalusian-Moroccan illustrator born in Barcelona. Exhibitions of her work, inspired by Edward Gorey and Edgar Allan Poe, can be seen in venues throughout Prague including Fox & Deer and Bar No. 7. She has lived in the Czech Republic since 2010 where she continues to develop her “little drawer full of different black-and-white characters” and a fondness for Czech pickles.

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Módní prezentace Niñasilla: Dream on