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Vernisáž Jacinto Alves: Walls of Prague

9. 9.-15. 9. / StellArt Gallery / Malba

Už jen do 15.9.2016 bude ve StellArt Gallery, Sokolovská 180, Praha 8 – Palmovka, přístupná výstava obrazů a instalací portugalského umělce žijícího v Praze Jacinto Alvese.

Jacinto Alves was born in Castelo Branco, Portugal, in 1970, and began painting at a very early age .
„I used to spend so much time painting with my cousin Fernando Messias (aka Vertelli) that, without realising it, sometimes two days had passed and we were covered in paint with the same record having played over and over….
Eventually we decided to hold an exhibition and, after hours discussing endless ideas, and perhaps playing another record or two, the paintings were finally on the wall…our first show!!!“
Since the 90’s, Jacinto has had a number of well-received exhibitions in Portugal where he presented oil paintings, iron sculptures, carbon paper drawings and collage work.
„My art has always been expressed using new materials, especially those that I discovered on the streets.“
Three years ago, Jacinto moved to Czech Republic were he has been working with raw materials provided by nature to produce his original expressive paintings.

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Vernisáž Jacinto Alves: Walls of Prague