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Vernisáž DKF / collective mind in disorder

12. 1.-14. 1. / City Surfer Office / Instalace

Ve dnech 12. – 14.1.2018 se v City Surfer Office, Bořivojova 67, Praha 3, konala skupinová výstava DKF / collective mind in disorder.

“Picturing a mind can mean picturing anything as long as it is connected”

This, what looks like a show, what looks like a curated transmedial exhibition are 3 of our possible incarnations chatting in a room with each other.

D, K and F.

D for example believes in psychological Realism and that general traits do exist.
On the other Hand K believes in exzessive Situationism.

F often dreams about falling in love with D but D likes to control people and always tries to do it so an affair would be very dramatic.

K on the other hand makes fun of D because of its love towards art history and its belive in an ever expanding iconography.

Although F is kind of a brutalist it believes that every system closes where it once began, thats why F´s favorite number is 8 and also why K likes feminist art from the 90´s.

DKF was formed in 2017 and partly consists of Daniel Hüttler, Anthea Schranz, Maximiliane Leni Armann, Bartholomaeus Waechter, Ada Karlbauer, Laura Hatting, Carolina Rotter, Julius Pristauz and Lukas Gritzner.

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Vernisáž DKF / collective mind in disorder