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Vernisáž ak.mal Svetlana Kurmaz: Imaginary Garden

Pouze do 10.4.2019 bude v DEA ORH concept store & FANTINEL Prosecco Baru, Štěpánská 59,  Praha 1 (v 1.patře) přístupná výstava obrazů ak.mal Svetlany Kurmaz: Imaginary Garden.

Výstava je pořádána ve spolupráci s Prague Art Weekends

Svetlana Kurmaz is a professional visual artist. Having graduated from the Faculty of Art of Krasnodar State University (Russia), she has been professionally engaged in painting since 1988.

She participated in more than 100 exhibitions and art fairs all over the world (Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, UK & USA).

She works in two fields of art: representative and abstract. Her professional skills include great ability and achievements in both academical drawing and oil painting.

Svetlana Kurmaz has her own recognizable style based on an extension of a big art tradition of european expressionism.

Svetlana’s characters are full of grace and poetry, her nudes are innocent, her Ladies are elegant and beautiful, her trees and flowers are strange…  and so they exist in their fragile wold of harmony and dream.

Aesthetic and philosophical directions of her creative method can be designated as Figurative Metaphysical Subjectivism and Abstract Metaphysical Symbolism, where a deep color is combined with an image-icon-symbol, vibrating between objective and subjective worlds.

Since 2005 Svetlana has been involved in the abstract painting project S.K.A.S., in collaboration with Alexander Sokht.

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Vernisáž ak.mal Svetlana Kurmaz: Imaginary Garden