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Valentýnská vernisáž výstavy obrazů April Popko

končí 29. února / / Malba

Do 29.2.2020 bude v butiku Animadecor, Na Moráni 11, Praha 2, přístupná zajímavá výstava obrazů malířky April Popko.

April Popko jako autorka akrylových obrazů představí letošní kolekci kypící láskou, srdci, anděly, křídly, metalickými odlesky a luxusem.

American Artist, April Popko, has lived and worked from her Prague 5 studio since 2003.  She focuses on transferring energy through painting to bring positivity and light. Popko has been practicing the arts since childhood and is motivated to create pieces that generate energy for others as well as herself.

Popko’s first international debut solo exhibits were an immediate success in Prague (Color Flash, Spring 2016 and Branching Out, Autumn 2016) and has since exhibited solo in Greece, Italy, Spain and Morocco.  Born in Massachusetts, Popko has also presented her work in group exhibitions at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM) in Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA, home of the country’s oldest, most continuous art community.  Popko also paints from her North Truro, Cape Cod summer studio each year.  Great inspiration comes from soaking up the fresh, salty air by the Atlantic ocean, seeing the crisp light reflected off the sand dunes and hearing the soft sea grass swaying in the wind.


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Valentýnská vernisáž výstavy obrazů April Popko