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Vernisáž Vlada Shamova: My Way

3. 5.-15. 7. / / Ilustrace

Do 15.7.2019 bude v kavárně a cukrárně Alchymista, Jana Zajíce 7, Praha 7 – Letná, přístupná zajímavá prodejní výstava Vladi Shamova: My Way.  Všechny fotky z výstavy i vernisáže: Petr.

Vlada Shamova was born in Hrodna, Belarus. She graduated from EHU in Vilnius, Lithuania, and earned her MFA in Prague at VŠUP (Umprum), where she studied graphic design, conceptual art, and animation. She is currently working in design, animation, illustration, and calligraphy.

Usually she is interested on serious and global problems as ecological situation, or psychology of people’s behavior, multicultural misunderstanding, national identity, human conflicts, etc…

But  also she likes to bring some esthetics, beauty and optimism to this world. And for this aim she is using different methods, techniques and forms, experimenting with materials and shapes. She is always curious to explore. In different fields. And one on this fields is calligraphy.

Calligraphy is the melody of soul, full of expression, thoughts, experience, and dreams. This is an art with ancient roots in many cultures, whose evolution continues in many fields to this day. Calligraphy is not just letters or symbols, it is much more for art, feelings and investigations.

To see more Vlada’s artworks visit her webpage:

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Vernisáž Vlada Shamova: My Way