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Vernisáž Silvia Vezzuto: Coincidentia Oppositorium, the original sin

Do 2.4.2018 bude v nově otevřeném Art Space – Luxury of being, Řeznická 3, Praha 1, přístupná výstava Silvie Vezzuto: Coincidentia Oppositorium, the original sin.

Silvia Vezzuto
Doctor in Discipline of the Arts, Music and Entertainment, with praise.
I was born in 1970 in Itali, in the city of Brescia. I graduated in Fashion Design at the Istituto di Brescia, Graphic Design and Illustration and then in the field of art at the University of Bologna where I got the title „Doctor“.
During my studies I painted the prestigious MARIANI AFFRESCHI laboratory in Brescia and worked with several important architects and artists.
Since 1997 I have been formed in the Czech Republic. As the only one in the Czech Republic, I use the technique of torn freshmen and in a modern way combine various techniques such as mosaics, sand art, oil on canvas and wood.
You can see my work in different places in Europe, but also in the United States, South America and the Arab states.he collaborated with Zamek jemniste, with Zamek Stablovice, with the group disappeared, currently creates designs and mosaics for Dermacol, paints for many collectors, and often exhibits in his studio of Nucice teaches and creates, in the art center in central Prague, organizes cultural and artistic events.

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Vernisáž Silvia Vezzuto: Coincidentia Oppositorium, the original sin