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Vernisáž Chelsea London: Fernweh photography

12. 4.-10. 5. / / Fotografie

Cca do 10.5.2019 bude v kavárně Oblak, Ruská 30, Praha 10, přístupná zajímavá prodejní výstava fotografií Chelsea London: Fernweh photography.

Chelsea London, a native new yorker, is a photographer currently living and working in prague. after travelling full time for years, working extensively in Los Angeles, London, Hamburg, and Paris, Chelsea decided to take a break from the road. She settled in the charming capital city of the Czech republic, where she lives with her husband and cat in an apartment with nice, big windows, perfect for sunset spotting.


In her photographic work, Chelsea aims to lend expression to the atmosphere of a moment, focussing particularly closely on color and composition. Chelsea’s work has been featured in over fifty publications, including bento (a publication of der spiegel), featureshoot, and tabi labo, and her „selfies across europe“ project was featured in a report on czech national television. chelsea has also had the privilege of being invited to present her work at a today at apple event in the london and new york flagship apple stores.


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Vernisáž Chelsea London: Fernweh photography