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Yannis Karampatzias: pro Quarabu

Do 12.4.2015 bude v Čítárně Unijazzu, Jindřišská 5, 4.patro, Praha 1, přístupná výstava Yannise Karampatziase: pro Quarabu.

Řecký hudebník a výtvarník Yannis Karampatzias ovládá tradiční balkánské nástroje a houslista Milan Jakeš zase jazz a moravský folklor. V rámci souboru Quaraba hrají ve stylu řeckého undergroundu.

Qaraba Music & Graphics was founded in 2012 in Prague by Yannis Karampatzias (GR).
He studied Graphic Design in Thessaloniki, Greece.
He performs on a variety of Greek and Turkish traditional plucked string instruments including saz baglama (taburas), lavta (Constantinople lute), buzuki, tzuras and baglamas.
In 2013, together with violinist Milan Jakes (CZ), guitarist Thomas Opata (GR/CZ)
and Geraldine Baar (BEL) on koboloi, they formed the Qaraba Ensemble.
The repertoire includes traditional folk music from the Asia Minor to the Black Sea
focusing on melodies from Smyrna (Izmir) and Constantinople (Istanbul) of the early 1900’s, Rebetiko songs (underground musical genre that was born at the end of the 19th century in hash dens and prisons of the Greek urban centers) and finally
Byzantine and Ottoman classical compositions emphasizing on the art of taxim
(form of improvisation on non-occidental musical scales known as ‚makams/maqamat‘).

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Yannis Karampatzias: pro Quarabu