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Vernisáž Paula Gerendás: Zlaté slunečnice

23. 7.-16. 8. / Slovenský dům / Malba

Do 16.8.2019 bude ve Slovenském domě, Soukenická 3, Praha 1,  přístupná zajímavá výstava obrazů Pauly Gerendás: Zlaté slunečnice.

Výstava maďarskej maliarky so slovenskými koreňmi v Slovenskom dome v Prahe.


„I was born in Hungary, Budapest and I paint for 30+ years. Lately I became even more productive with renewed inspiration and energy.

I like seeing people being happy and fulfilled. For me, painting is a tool to help them living a more colorful and prosperous life.

With my works, I would like to have awe and aesthetic experience from the viewer and the greatest gift when people are safisfied with my paintings in their home and report that they are always glad and feel the harmony coming out of the picture every time they glance at it.

I search light, shade, colors and beauty. It surrounds us everywhere, we just have to notice and enjoy it.“

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Vernisáž Paula Gerendás: Zlaté slunečnice