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Vernisáž klauzur Prague College HND Grafický design, Fine Art a Interactive media

5. 6.-8. 6. / Prague College / Design

Jenom do 8.6.2017 budou v Prague College, Polská 10, Praha 2, přístupné výstavy klauzur oborů HND Grafický design „Where is Anton ?“, Fine Art „Hotel Lobby“ a HND Interactive media.

We are pleased to invite you to an Art and Technology Evening at Prague College. The show will display the works of HND Interactive Media students – the classes of Sound Production, Computer Interface Design, and New Technologies in Interactive Media – mentored by Pascal Silondi, Jakub Grosz and George Cremaschi. Students will present their new creations using interactive real-time audio-visual techniques and sensors.

T.I.N.A.S.A.M. is the name chosen by the current second-year Interactive Media students to redefine themselves as artists ‚beyond the school walls‘. ‚We are not defined nor constrained by a physical space but rather characterized by the attitude and the visions of the people in the collective. As for the name T.I.N.A.S.A.M., we would like to leave it without any explanation, free for interpretation,‘ they say.

Their new exhibition, entitled ‚The Hotel Lobby‘, refers to an essay by cultural theorist Siegfried Kracauer in which he theorizes on the significance of the hotel lobby to modern cities and how it acts as an inverted version of a church. Though both places function as a place of gathering for people from different spectrums, the hotel lobby, unlike the House of God, focuses their attention and energy on nothing. Whereas in the House of God, silence signals the unity of people praying for a common purpose, in the hotel lobby, it becomes a tool for separation, allowing visitors to stay anonymous.

„For us, Prague College functions as a hotel. We all come from different places with our own unique purposes and practices to stay here temporarily until we reach our desired goals. We don’t know whether life after college will bring us together or will lead us into our own separate paths. Nevertheless, we would like to embrace this notion by trying to redefine the concept of ‚the hotel lobby‘ by transforming it into a place of purpose where we artists and viewers (both visitors to the hotel) are united by a common appreciation for the art as it emerges from the silent curtain of anonymity to create meaningful interactions and discussions.

For us as a collective, it is important not only to experiment with our own artworks but also with the whole experience of going to exhibitions. Though some of our works do require viewer participation we want to activate the whole exhibition space by requiring viewers to take certain actions.“

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Vernisáž klauzur Prague College HND Grafický design, Fine Art a Interactive media