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Vernisáž Debasish Borah: The artist is missing

Jen do 31.8.2017 poběží v prostorech uměleckého studia spolku Prám, Čerpadlová 4b, Praha 9 (vlak, tram, bus Nádraží Libeň), velmi zajímavá výstava indického umělce Debasish Borah: The artist is missing.

Debasish Borah was born in a sleepy town of Arunachal Pradesh, in North Eastern India, very close to the Indo-Chinese international border. He believes in the power of history to impact societies and seek inspirations from it for applications in areas of art & design.

In last 25 years of Kashmir conflict, more than 10,000 people have disappeared. This figure excludes the two hundred thousand Kashmiri Pandits, who are driven out of their homes in 1991. The project “The artist is missing” is in memory of missing Kashmiris; Muslims & Pandits; the people who gave us stories to share.

The artworks produced here are our reflections on borders and a commentary on the historical conflict between India & Pakistan. We are trying to look at the conflict as an outsider and translate our travels, conversations and memories from Jammu & Kashmir into works of art. Our attempt is at asking a fundamental question; till when?

Dr Bhupen Hazarika asked the river Brahmaputra: “ On your mighty banks, the home to countless people, in spite of hearing their anguished cries so silently and unmindful, O Brahmaputra how can you flow?”

“The artist is missing” is our attempt to look at the banks of Jhelum, into empty homes, our way of questioning the Jhelum; can’t you see the people who live in the vast stretches on your both side are screaming in grief, yet meekly, as always, O Jhelum, why do you flow without a protest?

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Vernisáž Debasish Borah: The artist is missing