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Vernisáž David Whitworth – Colour on Colour

28. 7.-4. 8. / Cluster Gallery / Malba

Jenom do 4.8. 2017 bude v Cluster Gallery, Přívozní 1, Praha 7 (v objektu hostelu a hotelu Plus Prague), přístupná zajímavá výstava obrazů Davida Whitwortha – Colour on Colour.

Presenting a body of abstract works created over the last 3 years, Whitworth explores a skillfully selected palette using a variety of techniques, some of which he will not reveal. He creates works which take their place right on the border between the chaotic and the orderly.

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In David’s own words:
„Painting, and abstract more than any other type of painting, is like some perverse game of chess, each move signalling either success or failure. Perverse because there’s only one player, usually alone, in a room for hours and hours. Each move can lose the painting. You are only as good as your last or next move. Sometimes I lose the painting and only manage to retrieve it just in time. Sometimes they just get thrown away. The constant quest to define and refine your own voice.

Colour on colour. Colours next to and on top of each other. Organised chaos and the contrast between chaos and nothing. This is all part of finding your voice, something individual that will continue to evolve, always trying to be true to yourself and genuine.“

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