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ilustrace výstavy
ilustrace výstavy
ilustrace výstavy

Vernisáž Conrad Armstrong: Rukozábavky

30. 3.-30. 4. / |art| SPACE / Instalace

Do 30.4.2017 bude v nádvorní |art| SPACE, Anglo-Americká univerzita, Letenská 5, Praha 1, přístupná výstava Conrada Armstronga: Rukozábavky.

AAU’s Art Space returns for the Spring with „Rukozábavky“, an interactive installation by Conrad Eric Armstrong, an American artist based in Prague. 🙂 #AAUevents

Armstrong’s installation will include swinging and spinning objects, which the artist encourages guests to touch and play with at their leisure. Armstrong takes inspiration from prayer wheels, child’s toys, mobile devices, and musical instruments, so that the colorful structure will echo the physical interface of objects that often serve to distract us from the problems of the world, or at least to make the burden thereof lighter.

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Vernisáž Conrad Armstrong: Rukozábavky